10 Best Combat Boots & Military Footwear Guide for 2019

Best Army boots

So, you are a military personnel looking to buy a new pair of shoes to go with your uniform? Or are you a construction worker, or rancher for that matter who needs high quality and high endurance boots for the rigours of you work? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then, you have come to the right place. Following is a review of the some of the best military boots you will find around. These boots were carefully chosen from dozens of boots after doing thorough research on what works and what does not as well as noting the reactions of people who have had the opportunity to use them in one capacity or the other.

So, why don’t you read along and see if you won’t find something that is exactly what you are looking for.

1. Rocky Men’s Rkc050 Military and Tactical Boot – Buy On Amazon

The Rocky S2V Tactical boot is a boot that was made and optimized to withstand the toughest and most rigorous conditions possible that you can think of while providing comfort to the wearer. This boot is uniform-compliant and has been approved by regulation bodies for use with every possible variation of the Operational Camouflage Pattern.

The Rocky S2V Tactical Boot comes with a ton of features that puts it ahead of most other tactical military boots. For instance, it is completely manufactured from leather and synthetic materials resistant to both flash and water as well as a 1,000-denier Cordura nylon, a textured nylon material that imbues the boot with resistance to mildew, rot, punctures, fading and abrasion. The use of the Cordura nylon makes the boot very durable.

This boot is also coated with PTFE which renders it resistant to flame. The drainage vents have advanced S2V sieve technology which allows for good circulation of air. They also help keep the feet dry as they push out water that finds a way in. With Roll-Stop ankle stability, the possibility of getting ankle injuries via wearing this boot is reduced to nothingness. For a good fit, Rocky goes with the stretch Lycra tongue which wraps well around the leg and provides a comfortable, snug fit for the foot. The Rocky S2V Tactical Military Boot also does pretty well in the lining material used which is able to get rid of moisture, the sole and midsole are made of high quality materials that further supports the comfort and durability that the rest of the boot provides. The footbed provides good cushion for the foot and minimizes the effect of shock and impacts and it comes with an Aegis microbe shield for fighting against odor by getting rid of microbes that might cause this.

In all, the Rocky Men’s Rkc050 Military and Tactical Boot is the authentic package as far as military and tactical boots go. For someone in love with, and who requires such boots for one purpose or the other, these come highly recommended.

  • Flash and water resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Provides good support and cushion for the feet
  • They cost a hefty sum of money

2. Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boot – Buy On Amazon

The Garmont brand is a well-known brand that has been around since 1964 with headquarters in Northern Italy. They have made their mark and built a reputation for manufacturing solid boots that are optimum for trails.The Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boot is a result of research into boots that would work great on the trail side and it has the features and technology to make it one of the best for that particular purpose. It is a boot that is not only well designed and as such, looks good but is also functional, innovative and comfortable.

The Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boot is manufactured using materials that ensure that it provides stability for the wearer. This boot also has features that helps it get rid of pressure points, provide better flexibility during use as well as cut down and minimize excess weight.

This boot is made from high quality suede material which is carefully shaped to ensure that it is precise and that it will fit the intended user comfortably.It comes in two different colors which provides the intending buyer with an opportunity to choose what they feel is better. From the suede upper part to the sole, this boot is pretty well put together and sure to last a while.

  • They are true to size
  • Made from high quality materials
  • They provide very good traction even on the toughest of terrains
  • They are comfortable to use and provide good support
  • They are highly durable
  • These boots are not water resistant
  • The tongue isn’t very comfortable

3. Oakley Men’s Light Assault Boot 2 Boots – Buy On Amazon

If you are looking for a boot that is light enough to be mobile while at the same time providing protection from external elements, the Oakley Men’s Light Assault Boot 2 Boots is one boot you should definitely consider and check out. With an EVA midsole and outsole that helps you move as naturally as possible while at the same time providing your foot with enough cushion to minimize and absorb shock impacts; a light Cordura nylon material that confers the boot with durability and makes it resistant to such things that would otherwise harm your boots and reduce its lifespan such as mildew, rot, punctures, abrasion and fading; a synthetic upper that makes the boot breathable such that your feet are always dry and comfortable in the boots; and rugged nylon laces that help you achieve stability and keep the shoe snugly fitted.

You definitely won’t find many light assault boots that are much better than these boots. None with the ergonomic design that makes it the favourite for a lot of people and helps it fit the leg perfectly and comfortably. There is also the fact that it is an attractive looking boot.

  • They are quite easy on the eyes
  • One of the best fitted boots you will find around
  • As far as military boots go, they are affordable
  • They are perfect for use in both dirt and gravel as well as in other outdoor conditions
  • They are highly durable
  • Very lightweight
  • The boots are not waterproof
  • They are also not oil resistant
  • They provide no arch support as they have flat footbeds

4. Ryno Gear Tactical Combat Boots with Coolmax Lining – Buy On Amazon

The Ryno Gear Tactical Combat Boots is one of the cheapest and most affordable tactical combat boots you will find anywhere on the planet. This does not mean it is substandard and of a lesser quality than other boots, however.

Manufactured from both leather and ballistic nylon, a combination that makes the boots extra comfortable and highly durable such that it will last for a long time. It also has a padded collar which greatly lessens the possibility of you getting ankle injury while using these boots. For better comfort, and so as to ensure that boots are well ventilated, breathable mesh is used to line the inside. The rubber outsole is slip resistant which means that you get good traction and grip while donning these boots. This is especially important in when in muddy, slippery terrain. The inner lining of these boots are also resistant to water which greatly enhances the comfort level achieved with this particular military boot.

The Ryno Gear Tactical Combat Boots also comes with insoles that provide a great deal of cushion in case of shock impacts as they are shock absorbent. This further improves the experience of wearing these boots and places them in the top 6 military boots to at the very least consider purchasing.

  • They are quite cheap
  • They are true to size and fit quite comfortably
  • They are durable
  • They come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and also guarantee free returns if dissatisfied with what you get
  • These boots are not water proof

5. Original S. W. A. T. Men’s Classic 9” Side Zip Work Boot – Buy On Amazon

Referred to as the “premier” tactical boot by some, S. W. A. T.’s Classic 9” Side Zip Work Boot is a highly functional tactical boot that is the result of research and years of testing into what works and what doesn’t. These boots are made with high quality materials that set them apart and ahead of most other tactical boots along with the others on this list.

For starters, they are made using full grain leather (for the black) and leather suede (for the tan). Along with the leather, 10000-denier Cordura is also used for the upper part and a non-marking, slip and oil resistant, ASTM certified rubber outsole. The use of the 1000-denier Cordura confers the boots with toughness and durability such that they are well protected against mildew, rot, punctures, and abrasions. And the use of a slip resistant outsole ensures that the boots are safe to wear in all terrains.

They come with a steel shank which provides arch support for the user’s foot. To ensure that the boots can be removed without much ado, YKK side zippers are used. The heel and toes are polishable in case you desire to wear these boots to a formal event and the lining contains AEGIS, an anti-microbe that eliminates odors from the foot.It is also rust resistant and the hardware made of brass alloy which further ensures the durability of all parts of the boot.

The Classic 9” Side Zip Work Bootis a successful cross between comfort, functionality and beauty. And it is for these reasons that it comes highly recommended.

  • They are breathable and comfortable
  • They are slip and oil resistant
  • They are highly durable
  • These boots are also true to size and fit well
  • The toe box might be a little too wide
  • They lack a boot strap for pulling up while wearing them

6. Bates Men’s Cobra Jungle Coyote Tactical Jungle Boot – Buy On Amazon

Bates, an outfit that manufactures boot of extraordinary quality definitely did not disappoint with this. These boots are of exceptional quality in addition to being very comfortable and high performance. This company has been in existence since 1885 and they have definitely mastered the art of making great products as every feature on this particular boot serves a significant purpose all of which is geared towards a great, high performing, and aesthetically appealing footwear.

The use of textile and synthetic materials for the upper part as well as a rubber outsole goes some ways in ensuring that these boots are comfortable. It is also made in such a way that it provides goo arch support. This is via the use of a shaft.One of the materials used in the manufacturing of these boots is cattle hide leather which is especially resistant to abrasions combined with an equally abrasion resistant nylon for durability and versatility.

Provisions were also made for breathability via the use of lateral perforated leather. And to wrap it all up, it has an endurance performance system that helps reduce the effects of fatigue. These boots are totally worth the price tag and are sure to serve you well no matter the purpose you are purchasing them for.

  • These boots are lightweight which means that they support mobility
  • They are aesthetically appealing
  • They are breathable which is due to an amazing air circulation system
  • They are true to size
  • They are not very durable

They sometimes make a crinkly sound when walking with them which disappears after a while of wearing them

7. TR-550 Khyber II Mountain Hybrid Lightweight Boots from Belleville – Buy On Amazon

These are revolutionary hybrid combat boots that can be used in mountainous areas or in areas with a rough terrain, an aspect that makes them to be some of the best military boots. They are sturdy and rugged boots that will give you an excellent ground feel and unmatched mobility. They are integrated with deeply serrated heels and toes which help their soles in providing an excellent feel for any terrain. This also helps in braking, arresting slides and even aids in crawling as well as vertical climbing especially during military training or while in combat.

Unlike most of the other military footwear, these boots have Load Bearing Othortic insoles which ensure optimal comfort while enduring rugged terrain. Moreover, the rappelling bars that are on their outsoles usually extend their durability, while their breathable combat lunar lining as well as the heel and the toe overlay design usually extends the overall life of these boots. The shoes are made using top quality cowhide leather which offers long-term durability, while their low profile outsoles are able to deliver maximum traction on rugged terrains.

  • They are lightweight and hence suitable for high impact military training or combat
  • Are tough, rugged and suitable for use on any terrain
  • The boots are well cushioned and comfortable
  • Their aggressive Lace-to-Toe style allows for a customized fit
  • Their outsoles offer the best traction on all surfaces
  • They are durable
  • The boots are a bit narrow for people with wide legs
  • Their inside stiches can rub against your feet and become uncomfortable if worn without socks.

8. Reebok Work Rapid-Response RB-8894 8-Inch Men’s Tactical Duty Boots – Buy On Amazon

Made with ballistic nylon and suede leather, these military-style boots have been designed to give you maximum comfort and deliver long-term durability. Featuring ASTM-rated safety composite toes together with electrical protection, the boots have been made with a very unique nylon mesh lining and usually come with removable F-2A polyurethane cushion inserts that have shock-eliminator heel cushions. Moreover, the boots are 100 percent non-metallic and airport-safe.

Besides the robust lace-up design, the boots also feature side zippers which allow for easy wear and removal. Their design also includes the XTR brand extra-wide composite toe caps which are able to comfortably accommodate toes of all sizes. Whether you are gearing up for your ruck match or you are undertaking a tough military training, these tactical boots are up to the challenge. They are lightweight, battle-tested and athletic-inspired boots that you can quickly and easily put on and fasten in order to answer to any call of duty. They normally provide the best traction on almost all surfaces and offer unmatched comfort for tactical units, police officers and military personnel.

  • They are designed for optimal comfort
  • They are tough, rugged and durable
  • The boots are properly cushioned and quite comfortable
  • They are lightweight
  • They are designed to give you a perfect fit.
  • They have electrical hazard protection
  • The shoes are not properly aerated and breathable hence can be uncomfortable in hot conditions
  • Their stitching usually leaves a bump in their padding and the cover, which might rub and push against your ankles hence becoming uncomfortable.

9. Men’s Elite 8.0 Spider Boots from Magnum – Buy On Amazon

If your duty involves going to hot and arid climates, these are the best boots to purchase. The boots feature denier nylon and durable suede uppers which are able to withstand the harsh desert weather, while their breathable aero mesh lining usually helps in providing proper ventilation that helps in regulating the temperature of one’s feet. In addition, these boots also come with contoured and removable sockliners which usually provide on-the-go comfort. Their Vibram soles will offer you great support and stability.

They are durable desert boots which have been constructed with the lightweight and waterproof leather upper, which makes them to be ideal boots for military use. Moreover, they are also equipped with mesh inlays which enhance their breathability. The boots have well-cushioned collars and tongues for extra comfort as well as roomy toe boxes to accommodate your toes. They also designed with a moisture-wicking lining.

  • Their full lace-up panels allow you to easily adjust the boots to a perfect fit and feel
  • Their rugged rubber outsoles usually provide excellent traction on different terrains and in different conditions.
  • They are breathable and comfortable
  • The boots are water resistant
  • You can adjust their laces to attain a perfect fit.
  • They are not the best shoes to wear in extremely cold weather.
  • They may take time to break in and start feeling comfortable on your feet.

10. Recon 200 Gram Men’s Uniform Boots from Danner – Buy On Amazon

These US-made military boots are tough, have a traditional appearance and are comfortable in application. They are specially designed to deliver unmatched support and stability, thanks to their all-weather stitch-down construction which normally provides a wide platform for greater stability underfoot. They are properly insulated to provide warmth, while their GORE-TEX waterproof lining usually provides breathable protection to your feet. In addition, the boots also feature a very robust lace-up design which will provide you with a secure feet during training or while you are on the job. All these features combined make these boots to be great options for military use.

They are reliable classic boots in durable and easy-to-clean leather. The boots are also polishable, giving you a shiny glow as you embark on your military training or the actual duty. Their heels usually provide superb shock absorption while their rubber compounds usually offer great traction on dry as well as wet surfaces.

  • They normally offer a perfect fit
  • They can be used on both dry and wet surfaces
  • They are waterproof and hence can be used in the rain or in wet conditions
  • They are properly insulated and comfortable
  • The boots are easy to clean and are also polishable
  • The boots are built to last
  • Unlike other models, these boots are a bit bulky
  • They require some break-in period before they can become comfortable on your feet