Top 10 Best Rocker Bottom Shoes in 2019

As you know, rocker bottom shoes are shoes that have soles which are thicker than usual. They are worn by people who have lost or have a declined range of motion such as those suffering from arthritis or other injuries/diseases that are painful and affect foot joints.

If you fall into this category of people, you would definitely want a shoe that supports you and allows you to walk in a manner that appears natural to onlookers. You would almost certainly also want a shoe that will help you maintain your balance without too much effort and work on your part, a shoe in which you would easily find your center of gravity.

It is for this sole purpose that we have scoured the internet in search of the best rocker bottom shoes that will not only help you stay balanced but which will also be as comfortable as possible for you, the wearer. Keep on reading to see why the shoes we chose have been chosen, and why you will do very well to consider and buy them.

Best Women’s Rocker Bottom Shoes

1. Hoka Bondi 5 Women’s Running Shoes – SS17 [View On Amazon]

The Hoka Bondi 5 is an amazing shoe that prioritizes the comfort of the user over everything else. With good traction and grip for running on trails that are not very challenging, the cushioning that helps minimize the effect of impact, technological improvements and adjustments that afford the user as much breathability as possible, along with better support for the feet and compression, this shoe is recommended for every woman that enjoys a good run every now and then.

The mesh material used in making the upper part of this shoe affords the user a large amount of breathability which ensures that she is cool and dry while rocking the shoes. By breathability, we mean that airflow into the shoe is accounted for and this helps in the entrance of fresh, cool air and the dispersion of warm air from it. The presence of an EVA midsole confers the shoe with much needed and efficient cushioning while the insole, made from premium material (ortholite) allows for more and improved cushioning. The ortholite insole also ensures that there is arch support as well as comfort for the user.

The shoe is made from fabric, and has a rubber sole which means that cleaning it is quite easy and also that it is quite comfortable to rock. Another reason why you should totally consider getting this shoe is the fact that it is durable. This is enhanced by the use of a rubber outsole manufactured from the best quality durable rubber. This is placed in certain, strategic parts of the shoe and protects that the shoe does not wear and tear easily.

  • Delightful design
  • Very lightweight which ensures that it is comfortable
  • The use of a 3D puff print frame means that the shoe fits perfectly and snugly on the feet of the user
  • The use of a breathable mesh that ensures that the user is cool and dry at all times while wearing the shoe
  • Recommended for people with joint problems as it provides improved support and comfort
  • Might feel a little narrow at the front
  • Might appear a little big to some

2. Skechers Women’s Shape Ups 2.0 Comfort Stride Fashion Sneaker [View On Amazon]

Skechers is a company known for making great products and it is not hard to understand why. The Comfort Stride Fashion sneaker is just as the name suggests; comfortable and fashionable. It is a shoe that is bound to set you apart as a result of the design while at the same time being comfortable. The first thing that comes to mind when you set your eyes on this sneaker is “wow!!!!!”

It has several amazing features which rightly places it on this list which include the use of textured mesh fabric for the front and sides of the sneakers. This allows the sneakers to remain cool at all periods no matter how long it has been worn and is further helped along by the use of perforations along the upper part. It has a well-cushioned insole which as all cushions do, provides comfort for the wearer. It is especially capable of doing this seeing as it is made of air-cooled memory foam.

The use of a polyurethane frame which is quite firm, a wedge soft foam midsole (which minimizes impact and serves as a shock absorber), a sculpted rubber outsole which ensures durability all contributes towards the Comfort Stride Fashion sneaker’s uniqueness and comfortability.

There are also a number of tweaks that add to the sneaker’s appeal such as stitching accents, overlays on the toe, the sides and the heel, an S logo on the side of the sneaker, an upper part made of smooth faux leather among other things.
In all. The Comfort Stride Fashion sneaker is the total package as far as sneakers go and come highly recommended.

  • The use of a super soft fabric lining ensures that the shoe is comfortable and fits nicely
  • It has good shock absorbing mechanism
  • Designed to last as long as possible
  • Provides utmost comfort for the user
  • It is not wide width
  • There is the need for a trial in order to get the perfect fit
  • Arch support is a little poor

3. Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat [View On Amazon]

With an upper part made from 100% leather in a style that is best described as Mary jane-ish, the Paloma Flat by Alegria is sure to be appreciated and found appealing by some while yet others will find it undesirable. None will, however, deny that the print is fun and quite stylish. If you are someone who appreciates and likes a Mary Jane style, you will definitely find the style admirable and attractive. As expected, it comes with a rocker sole which, although mild, serves its purpose well. While this product might not get top points in the looks department, it, however, takes full points when it comes to comfortability. It has an adjustable strap with a nice little button on top and Velcro to ensure that the best fit possible is attained.

Also, this shoe combines several high quality components to make a superior interlocking footbed system that as at yet, is exclusive to Alegria products. This system, made of latex is removable and consists of memory foam and cork. These furnish the shoe with arch support that is way better and above what the average rocker bottom shoes have.

  • These flats are quite sturdy and resistant to slippery
  • They have removable inserts which greatly enhance their comfort
  • The use of Velcro ensures that the perfect fit is achieved
  • It is easy to clean
  • Some might find the design unappealing
  • Might require a little trial and error to ensure that the size is right

4. Clarks Women’s Wave Trek Sneaker [View On Amazon]

Clarks is a company that needs no introduction. For over a century, they have been consistent in the production of quality, classy and fine men’s dress shoes. This brand is trusted and tested and there is a plus to patronizing them which is the fact that you get to choose from a diverse range of options the shoe which best fits your taste and matches your specifications.

Made for people who spend a lot of time on their feet either walking or standing, it has Clarks wavewalkTM walking technology which is exclusive to Clarks products and which is responsible for how comfortable their walking shoes are. The soles are rocker, a feature which enhances its comfort and makes it best suited for people that suffer from lack of mobility in their feet joints (such as those with arthritis). The rocker sole this shoe comes with is curved, an innovation that helps it save energy, minimize the impact of shocks and also support the joints. All these come together to give the user a very comfortable and remarkable walking experience.

The upper part is made from 100% black leather and the sole made of rubber. These materials are responsible for the sneakers being as comfortable. Also, the footbed is made from ortholite and can be removed, this contributes to the comfortable feeling derivable from these sneakers. It can be worn in the sun, and in the rain. In winter and in summer without any damage being done as the leather is waterproof and full grain; the full grain feature conferring durability on the sneakers.

  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • It is waterproof
  • Has an ortholite footbed which greatly enhances the comfortability
  • Might feel a little stiff

5. Alegria Women’s Dylan Bootie [View On Amazon]

This is the second Alegria product to make this list which is to tell you that they make pretty exceptional footwear. The Dylan Bootie for women by Alegria is a stylish footwear with a contemporary look. It has a side panel and a buckle ornament that is certain to catch your attention and make you feel impressed, this ankle bootie is one that effortlessly combines style with functionality and comfort.

With an upper part made from embossed molasses, an awesome and really supportive insole, a toe box that is wide and affords you a chance to wiggle your toes, this footwear is more comfortable than most.

If you are somebody who regularly does stuff that requires that you are in shoes for a great part of the day, you will definitely want to try these booties out. This is also the case for women who have a thing for contemporary styles as it doesn’t get any contemporary than this.

The sole is rocker which translates to a tad more comfort than is usual. Definitely recommended for people with joint problems in their feet.

  • Very stylish and eye-catching. Certain to set you out.
  • Very affordable for the quality they offer
  • It is comfortable
  • Some find these shoes a bit stiff
  • Might require some trial and error to get the right fit
  • They are a little heavy

Best Men’s Rocker Bottom Shoes

1. Skechers Sports Men’s Shape-Ups XT All Day Comfort Sneaker [View On Amazon]

Avid sportsmen are certain to fall in love with these comfort sneakers at first sight with its sleek, streamlined design that makes it look like it was designed for the gods of Olympus.

Skechers is a sportswear manufacturer famous for making stylish, trendy and very comfortable footwear and this is no exception. With the use of high-quality components combined with superior design, these shoes are easy on the high and at the same time, highly functional.

There is the plush memory foam which provides great, optimal support for the feet, a rocker bottom outsole which greatly enhances and improves the comfort of the sneakers, a well-cushioned midsole which minimizes the effect of shock impacts and the likes and a 100% synthetic leather upper, this is the complete package as far as footwears go.

With the Skechers Sports Men’s Shape-Ups XT All Day Comfort Sneaker, you can participate in whatever activity you desire for the day and not feel any less comfortable at least in your feet. This is the ultimate product for men when we talk about comfort. These sneakers allow for good balance and stability and are especially suitable for men with foot joint problems.

  • One of the most comfortable sneakers around
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Great for standing no matter the duration
  • Attractive look
  • Presence of a removable insole further enhances comfortability
  • They are stable as they can be laced up
  • Getting a pair of these might require that you break the bank as they are quite expensive
  • Not suitable for running

2. Exersteps Men’s Whirlwind White Sneakers [View On Amazon]

The Exersteps Men’s Whirlwind White Sneakers are nothing short of beautiful, and affordable too for the price they go for. When purchasing these, you should look at getting two different pairs just so you can put one away in a mini-museum for viewing and wear the other.

It has a leather upper that is as trendy as it is functional and a curved bottom that is designed to generate instability in such a way as to ensure that the muscles get some activity. The midsole of this beauty is lightweight and optimized to absorb shock and minimize hard impact when worn on hard platforms and surfaces.

To provide good cushion for the feet as well as improved comfort, Exersteps turn to molded socks. They also use non-marking sole to ensure that the sneakers are very tractable and durable which translates to customers getting more than enough value for their money. You can also trust them to be true to size and to fit you very well. And, yes, the insole is removable which means more flexibility for you.

These sneakers will be of great help to men with arthritic problems

  • Very attractive and easy on the eyes
  • No break-in required to use these shoes
  • These sneakers are inexpensive and quite affordable
  • It has a wide toe box
  • They are true to size
  • These shoes are stiff and unsuitable for people who would like to have a little flexibility
  • Not highly rated in the balance department
  • Not suitable for running or jogging


3. Drew Shoe Men’s Force Athletic Walking Shoe [View On Amazon]

Drew Shoe is a household name that has cemented in its position in our hearts by consistently providing us with therapeutic, comfortable shoes over the 135 years it has been in existence.

This particular shoe – Men’s Force Athletic Walking Shoe – is yet another testimony to Drew Shoe’s prowess as far as comfortable shoes go. The upper part of this particular shoe is completely made from leather and features a foam-padded tongue and collar. These ensures that the shoe provides as much comfort as is possible for the wearer. It has two insoles which are removable thereby giving the user an opportunity to be flexible and encourages the comfortability. Microbes have absolutely no chance with this shoe as the insole is coated with Drilex (with Ageis) which keeps the foot cool and absolutely dry at all time.

There is a cushion pad which supports the heel and greatly lessens the effect of impacts on the shoe thereby reducing the possibility of an injury occurring, and finally, the rocker bottom has a wide shank for improved stability and comfort.

Drew Shoe Men’s Force Athletic Walking Shoe offers unparalleled comfort, style and function. It is also stable and fits pretty well with the presence of a lace-up closure.

If what you require is a pair of comfortable shoes that are also therapeutic to wear on your feet, this is an option that you would do well to consider.

  • They provide great comfort and stability for people with arch and/or joint problems
  • They are true to size and fits comfortably
  • The toe box is wide
  • Well cushioned which enables it to deal well with impact
  • These shoes are not very durable
  • They do not provide good traction

4. Alegria Men’s Chairman Clogs and Mules Shoes [View On Amazon]

The Alegria Chairman Clogs shoe is one shoe that you enjoy rocking to work. The leather upper is resistant to stain in addition to providing comfort. With a leather lining designed for absorbs moisture, you are able to stay dry and cool throughout. The footbed is made from the superior memory foam which, along with a removable cork, and latex help keep your feet nice, warm and comfortable.

Apart from being super comfortable, the Alegria Men’s Chairman Clogs and Mules Shoes is also very durable which means that you can use it for a long period of time, an attribute that is helped by the leather upper and the outsole which is made from nonslip polyurethane.

If you are the type that spends hours tucked away at the office working on one thing or the other, and you suffer from a foot joint problem or the other, you will these shoes very helpful. This is because they fit in perfectly with the work environment and are at the same time functional and optimized for better balance and support. The rocker sole is rubber, non-marking and slip resistant which greatly enhances the comfort they provide.

  • Super comfortable
  • Great for the workplace
  • The arch support is great
  • They are attractive and nice to look at
  • These shoes are not very true to size which means that they require some trial and error to get the right fit
  • Quite expensive

5. Skechers Sport Men’s Shape Ups XT All Day Comfort Sneaker [View On Amazon]

When you want a truly plush and cushioned walk, the Skechers Sport Men’s Shape Ups XT All Day Comfort Sneaker is the shoe to reach out for. The soles and stretchy upper tongue are well padded in the right places to ensure maximum comfort and bouncy rides.

Skecher Comfort Sneakers comes with a rocker bottom sole to prevent you from ever losing balance even in the most slippery places. The shoe also consist of a memory foam and an air cooled cushioned comfort insole making it a perfect choice for those with flat feet and lower back foot pains.

With the Skechers Kinetic Wedge, a soft midsole foam, you won’t have to worry about undue pressures on your feet as it acts as shock absorber, taking all the pains without you noticing any when you step on sharp stones or rough surfaces.

Skecher Comfort Sneakers is both fashionable and functional. As such it can be used in the office without standing out of place and on the court, it offers maximum comfort for game play. If you also experience pains in your lower back foot, you might want to try this out as it is designed to absorb shocks before it reaches your foot.

  • Great midsole shock absorber
  • Skecher Comfort Sneakers comes with excellent traction and sturdy outsole for you to run or walk comfortably on any surface
  • Its fits perfectly especially when you have flat feets
  • Its midsole might take some time getting used to it
  • Rubber soles often get worn easily