Red Wing Iron Ranger work boot

Here is another popular 6-inch footwear style from Red Wing’s Iron Ranger collection, specially designed to deliver the best comfort, and built with durability in mind.

The Red Wing Heritage Men’s 6­Inch Iron Ranger Boot is a premium-quality natural leather footwear that is handcrafted in the US with an excellent workmanship using Welt construction. Despite being handcrafted, the footwear maintained a regular stitching on the midsole.

As a do-all footwear, the Red Wing Heritage Men’s 6­Inch Iron Ranger Boot features an oil-resistant and non-marking outsole, which makes it perfect one for light industrial activities, hiking, and jobs around the house.

Above all, the cap toe Iron Ranger Boot is built-up with premium natural leather to an authentic excellence to show class and for a guaranteed durability.


1. The boot is hand-crafted using Welt construction and this can make an outsole swap less of a headache.

2. The boot features speed lacing hooks at the top to get you ready for the road in the shortest possible time.

3. On the inside of this 5-pounds boot is a plain leather insole, a shank and a cork, all carefully layered to the comfort of the foot.

4. The capped toe on the boot is quad-stitched and it has a slightly bulbous tip.

5. To the best comfort of the wearer, each of the boot sizes comes in three variations of width fitting to choose from.



You won’t have trouble rocking the footwear for a long period of time or when covering far distances except for the first few wears after which it will perfectly adjust to the contours of your feet. Simply put, the break-in period of the Red Wing 6″ Ranger Boot is tolerable and comfort will be guaranteed afterward.


With about a hundred years of heritage, Red Wing obviously has put a great deal of effort into the construction of this premium quality natural leather footwear to last for many years. Being the hand-crafted kind of boot, the upper part and the heel are Tripple-stitched together with a waxed thread that blends into the design to deliver a good binding strength against any rigorous use that may want to separate them.


The boot is well-built to maintain a stylish look and premium quality for a good length of time, and just like a fine wine, it looks better as it ages. The boot promises to keep your foot safe with great comfort as well as leave you with an awesome look.
Using the Red Wing Heritage Men’s 6­Inch Iron Ranger Boot for highly hazardous industrial situations may seem like an abuse as it is built with class for casuals and light industrial activities which make it the best entry-level Goodyear Welted boot.

To sum it up

Red Wing Heritage Men’s 6­Inch Iron Ranger Boot is basically a combination of good look and durability, and it can be worn by men as well as women that want to get busy without any discomfort. The stylish look of the footwear awesomely completes any casual outlook, and the durability of its outsole is such that will stand a test of time.

With a regular brushing, you can maintain the quality of the work boot and with a light oiling at least once in a month, you can make its leather a bit water-resistant.

Your first wear may feel a bit uncomfortable as the 6″ iron ranger boot needs some time to adjust. However, this will only be a short-time experience as the leather will stretch and mold to your foot pretty soon. A general rule of thumb is to pick footwears half a size down.

Red Wing Heritage Men’s 6­Inch Iron Ranger Boot may be on the pricey side but it comes in various awesome designs that will blend into any casual outlook to become an attractive pair of foot protectors.